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Author: SableCRM

Version 4.2.0: Featuring Sable University Video Training Platform

We’re excited to announce the launch of SableCRM version 4.2.0, which introduces the powerful new Sable University video training platform. With Sable University, you and your team can quickly become expert users of SableCRM, the comprehensive contractor software trusted to run your entire business.

Sable University allows you to access training videos directly within the app, at your own pace, and precisely when you need assistance. Tailor your learning experience by selecting only the videos relevant to your needs, ensuring that your training time is well spent.

Moreover, Sable University provides detailed reporting, enabling you to track which team members have completed specific training videos and how much of each video has been watched. This gives you actionable insights into your team’s progress, allowing you to identify areas for improvement.

Version 4.1.0: Advanced Time Tracking Features for Project Management

SableCRM is proud to announce the release of version 4.1.0, which significantly enhances the time tracking functionality. These updates are designed to provide businesses with more detailed insights and improved accuracy in project management and job costing.

Editable Time Stamps: In the new version, team members who mark themselves as en route, onsite, or complete can now edit these time stamps if necessary. This flexibility allows for real-time corrections, ensuring the time recorded is precise and accurate.

Audit Trail and Accountability: Whenever a time stamp is edited, SableCRM captures and records who made the edit. This accountability feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of project timelines and for auditing purposes.

Color-Coded Time Stamps: Time stamps are color-coded to make it easy to distinguish between original entries and edits. Entries edited by the user will appear in one color, while those modified by a company admin will appear in another. This visual differentiation aids in quick identification and review of changes.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities: With these enhancements, SableCRM can now support more advanced reporting for project management and job costing. Detailed reports that include edited time stamps will help businesses track project progress, understand team performance, and refine job cost analysis.

Version 4.0.13: Expanding Dashboard Capabilities with Powerful New Features

Enhanced Dashboard with New Widgets: SableCRM’s dashboard has been significantly expanded in version 4.0.13, adding two innovative widgets that offer deep insights into your sales activities. These additions are tailored to help users monitor and analyze their sales pipeline more effectively.

SMS Communication Widget: Users can now communicate with an unlimited number of contacts via SMS text messaging directly from the dashboard. This feature is designed for huge efficiency gains, allowing for quick follow-ups and seamless communication. All text messages are automatically captured and organized in chronological order in each contact’s communication history.

New Business Opportunities Bar Graph: The second new widget is a dynamic bar graph that allows users to filter data by day, week, or month. This graph displays real-time updates on new leads, prospects, and customers, giving users a comprehensive view of new business opportunities.

These new features in SableCRM 4.0.13 provide powerful tools for businesses to track their sales activities and ensure every opportunity is noticed. The dashboard’s real-time data and easy communication tools empower SableCRM users to excel in customer engagement and sales growth.

Version 4.0.11: Introducing User Tagging and Instant Notifications

This update introduces a powerful new feature set designed to enhance communication, efficiency, and collaboration within organizations using SableCRM.

Tagging Users in Account Notes, Opportunity Notes, and After-Action Reports: Users can now tag colleagues in account notes, opportunity notes, and after-action reports within SableCRM. This feature allows for seamless notification of team members about status updates of clients, requests for change orders, or proposals, ensuring that critical information is promptly shared with relevant team members.

Real-Time Notifications: The update introduces real-time notifications within the SableCRM app. Whenever a user is tagged, they receive an instant alert, keeping them informed of new developments and tagged events as they happen.

Instant SMS Text Messages: In addition to in-app notifications, tagged users will receive an instant SMS text message with a direct link to the account they’ve been tagged in. This ensures that critical updates are not missed, even when users are away from their desks or mobile devices are not opened to Sable.

Convenient Notification Inbox: All tagged notifications and previews are accessible from a newly designed inbox, located in the upper right-hand corner of the SableCRM application header, next to the logged-in user’s name. This feature provides a centralized location for users to quickly view and act on their tag notifications.

SableCRM: Revolutionizing CRM Solutions With Industry Specific Versions

The world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) just got a whole lot more exciting with the launch of SableCRM’s industry-specific versions. Designed to cater to the unique needs of various industries, SableCRM is taking CRM customization to new heights. In this blog post, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of SableCRM’s industry-specific versions for security, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, eventing, audio video, lawn care, solar, and water treatment.

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